Seeking Coordinators in:

Electricbaby is seeking City Organizers/Coordinators for the Opticons Sticker Project in 10 cities. City Coordinators oversee Opticons in their city by coordinating artists, non-profits, gallery and press. These positions are strictly volunteer-based and the key to Opticon’s success. Your participation is welcome and greatly appreciated. All City Organizers will be recognized in promotional materials about Opticons and associated events. All promotional expenses are covered by Opticons.

Coordinator Action

  1. You are signing on as the charming person in the know about all things Opticons. Learn to articulate the project. School us about your city.
  2. As you help get the word out, your goal is to let people know that Opticons is more than a sticker donation for cool, fringe non-profits in your city. Everyone loves a great sticker, but even better, stress the press possibilities of linking 30 urban non-profits and 30 stellar artists across the country who are all working to build an urban experience inspired by creative vision and genius.
  3. Build a list of potential press points in your city with contact info.
  4. You will receive a press pack hyping Opticons to use in every key press opportunity in your city. We will have a professional press agent directing this, but your energy behind it is essential.
  5. Meet participating artists and non-profits.
  6. Get on the guest list with artists and non-profits! Attend all possible events and bring your friends. We’re all about supporting these people.
  7. Take your camera to any events you go to hosted by the artists and non-profits – send us images to add in our emails, newsletters, facebook etc.
  8. Gather contact list addresses and email addresses from participating artists and non-profits to add in to our newsletter list and mailers/flyers list.
  9. Build your own contact list.
  10. Receive and distribute promotional materials and stickers.
  11. Organize the gallery event for Opticons. Details to follow.