How it works : Non-Profits

Participating Non-Profits will be added to the Electricbaby list of organizations that we support. Three Non-Profits from each of the ten cities will be chosen for the initial Opticon project as recipients. Non-Profits not chosen for this round, will stay on our radar for future projects.

Electricbaby is interested in promoting the work of progressive non-profit causes with artistic vision. We aren’t interested in static non-profit work or big money non-profits. Electricbaby is supporting creative groups creating a more vibrant community experience within their city – people who have taken the granola out of non-profit work and brought a current, urban edge to their vision of a brighter world. We will support organized non-profits as well as not-for-profit events that could use some promotion. Participating non-profits should have some form of online presence,such as a web page or myspace to link to.

The non-profit agendas that catch our eye and win our hearts are typically supporting urban arts, inner city events, independent media, reallocation of unused terrain for community (like skateparks), and those under the wire community groups lightening up the urban experience. Take a look at our Seattle favorites to get an idea, and send us yours!

Want to be added to the Opticon Non-Profit list?
Email! We’ll need your contact person’s name, email and snail address, phone, website url and a description of your work.