Get Involved!

Three reasons to exhibit:
1) National collective presentation of 30 recognized graphic artists supporting 30 amazing non-profits
2) Demonstrate the effectiveness of pairing urban art with urban activism – build community
3) Electricbaby brings the party. Press kits and city coordinators will hype Opticons bringing press opportunities to people killing it on the Art and Non-profit fronts. Posters, mailers, postcard books (highlighting the sticker art and the non-profits) and, yes, stickers will help promote the project.

Project History

A couple of years ago I hit up Seattle artist Parskid to create a sticker design for a youth-mentoring non-profit I work with called the Service Board. Parskid was drawing and painting hopeful pictures of little misunderstood youth characters that reminded me of tSB’s misunderstood youth characters. He came and hung out a couple of times, got the tSB vibe and turned out a sticker design that was a perfect fit. The kids universally love the design. Now they have a graphic that is reflective of their attitude and style. tSB has since used the artwork on 8,000 stickers, t-shirts and hoodies. Orgs like tSB run on small budgets and big volunteer commitments. Not much left for identity and public presence but the creative community can help with that!

Please join us in this momentous effort to support a non-profit effort in your community.