Electricbaby Sticker is in for The Service Board – Seattle!


Electricbaby releases their Opticons sticker in support of The Service Board! Electricbaby continues the push for art for non-profits on all fronts, with their line of laptop artistry, multi-media installations, production of Opticons and now throwing their hat in the ring as a participating artist in Opticons! TSB is sure to love Opticons latest addition!

The Service Board is a beloved Seattle non-profit that brings kids and adult mentors together for service work, snowboarding and community building. Heartbreakers and superstars. Electricbaby has backed TSB for years as adult mentor, creator of www.theserviceboard.org website, various collateral hook-ups and now via Opticons! Thanks Electricbaby!

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008. Filed under: News

One Response

  • thoneyboy 09.24.2008

    i’m hungry,poor, and ngowoh until the mighty TSB come to the party. TSB is the way !!!. keep rockin.