Jun Indie Joyce Joins Electricbaby!

The old news that is new news here at Electricbaby HQ: Please welcome the birth of our son, Jun Indie Joyce!

No one is as profoundly shaken by new arrivals as the new parents. Suffice it to say that we are happy as pie and delighted with the wonder and awe seen through Jun's eyes.

We now happily return to the work at hand, bringing Opticons round one to print and release! Artwork is in from Tara McPherson for FreeArtsNYC, Adam Haynes for WABus and The Bus Project, Electricbaby for TSB, 179 for Skate Like a Girl, Nick Z for The Food Project and most recently, Klutch for Pangaea Project!

Highly anticipated artwork is on the way – heh – from Andy Howell, Maya Hayuk, Michiko Stehrenberger and Josh McPhee. Everyone's given us the wink, nudge and "it's on the way" as soon as we can, so we are terribly excited to see what turns up!

Look for new posts featuring all Opticons artists and Non-Profits!

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008. Filed under: News